Why Businesses are Choosing a VPS Over Shared Hosting

For years shared hosting has been the crème-de-la-crème of hosting opportunities as it would provide businesses and individual owners with the opportunity to harness an ample amount of power associated with hosting services. As time progresses, more and more companies and individuals are beginning to take advantage of vps hosting from companies like PhotonVPS in comparison to traditional shared hosting. The internet is becoming the largest platform available for businesses to sell products and reap the benefits of customer satisfaction. In order to experience these benefits, a company must own and operate a website that is hosted on a server that is not only reliable but that is also extremely efficient.

Having sole access to the server is the most important benefit to consider. This means that once a user purchases a server, they will be the only people able to access the files and personal information on the server. In comparison to shared hosting, where other users could gain access to each individual server. To maintain the highest level of security, more companies and individuals are beginning to use a cheap Linux VPS in comparison to traditional shared hosting.

Another benefit associated with finding a vps is that users are able to have their own array of tools and management options that are unique to their own website. Each end user will be able to customize their own server without having to worry about the other servers on the same network. In terms of shared hosting, each party would be required to share the same resources which can not only be troublesome but incredibly inconvenient. In comparison to this, companies and individual users can maximize the personal customizability of management tools and options.

For users who are less experienced with computer applications, there are bound to be times when they want to experiment with different tools and applications. If users end up experimenting with different applications and something “breaks” the entire server, virtual OS options provides users with the opportunity to completely restore the system prior to the accident. This option is unavailable with traditional shared hosting, which helps end users to play around with different tools and components without having to worry about inflicting irreversible damage to the entire system.